MCHS Daily Announcements 1.12.16

posted Jan 12, 2016, 7:38 AM by Zachary Dane
Seniors: Complete your FAFSA today! (If you haven't already!) Please make an appointment with Diamond to take care of this ASAP. 

Planning to take a January Regents? Check the postings at the top of the T (across from Room 511) for your OSIS, and if you don't see your number, add your name to the blank sheets next to each exam. 

The College Door Advisory Competition is getting underway. Decorate your Advisory Room door with information about a college and we'll see which door turns out to be #1!

Cougars' basketball plays the Annex Campus School at Mott Haven campus.

Afterschool Activities:
Cheer meets outside the Auditorium. 
CityHarvest Food Drive ongoing until January 27th
Bring in canned food or nonperishable items to donate to CityHarvest! Grades will be competing for most pounds collected. There will be prizes for select students who participate. Collection boxes will be in the following rooms: 
9th grade to Mrs. Minaya in 530    currently holds:     0 items    
10th grade to Mr. Pei in 516          currently holds:   0  items
11th grade to Mr. Childs in 508      currently holds:  0  items
12th grade to Mr. Cates in 519       currently holds: 0 items
According to 
"Nearly half (49 percent) of food pantries and soup kitchens [in NYC] reported that they had run out of food, or particular types of food, needed to make adequate meals or pantry bags in September 2015."
What will YOU do about it? There are 2 weeks left to make a difference.

REGENTS PREP with NHS tutors will be happening on Weds Jan 13 and Weds Jan 20. If you are preparing for a January Regents exam, see Mr. Cates for a permission slip and stay after school the next 2 weeks to get ready to ace those tests!

Jan 15th- Our annual Winter Formal Dance (hosted by SGA and I AM) will be held from 7PM to 11PM. Tickets are $3 in advance and $5 at the door. See an SGA member or Mr. Childs for tickets. All guests must have a high school student ID - No exceptions! Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase. Dress your best!

Jan 16th- VERONICA ladies will volunteer at POTS (Part of The Solution) from 12-4pm. See Diamond with questions. 

 Every Wednesday till the first week of June. If you're an MCHS male, see 
A client is irritable and hostile. He becomes agitated and verbally lashes out when his personal needs are not immediately met by the staff. When the client's request for a pass is refused by the primary care provider, he utters a stream of profanities. Which of the following statements best describes the client's behavior?
b) The client's anger is a reliable sign of serious pathology.
c) The client's anger is an intended attack on the primary care provider's skills.
d) The client's anger is a sign that his condition is improving. 
***************SENIOR ADVICE TO YOUNGER STUDENTS!*****************************
(Another new feature for 2016, the seniors class will offer daily nuggets of advice to younger students)

From an anonymous senior, '16: "Friends come and go, tests you may pass or fail. But don't give up focus on your diploma! Just do it! To be successful you must have failures and have learned from them. [Graduation] may seem far off, but time flies. Be someone that when you look backfour years from now you can say you're proud of yourself."

SHOUT OUT!  Shout out to Luke Alvez, Abebe Morris & Desmond Turner for coaching our young athletes! Does your class read the announcements? Shout your teacher out! See Ms. Davis or email

  • CORRECT ANSWER to MEDICAL QUESTION a) The client's anger is not intended personally.Reason: Staff members sometimes are the recipients of a client's angry behavior because they are safe targets and are available for attack. The display of anger is rarely intended to be personal. Such behavior is not necessarily a sign of serious pathology but must be weighed in conjunction with other behaviors. An angry outburst is not an attack on a primary care provider's skills. While not necessarily pathologic, the client's behavior isn't a sign that his condition is improving.