MCHS Daily Announcements 2.3.16

posted Feb 2, 2016, 4:41 AM by Zachary Dane   [ updated Feb 2, 2016, 1:20 PM ]

Follow staff directions to get your new schedule. Review your schedule to ensure that it has the classes that you believe you should be scheduled for (do you have Physical Education? Are in you the classes you took this Fall?). If you have concerns or questions, a schedule change request form will be available in the main office.

Seniors: Complete your FAFSA today! (If you haven't already!) Please make an appointment with Diamond to take care of this ASAP. 

The College Door Advisory Competition concludes on Friday. Decorate your Advisory Room door with information about a college and we'll see which door turns out to be #1!

**************ONGOING EVENTS/ ACTIVITIES/ MEETINGS***************************

Join I AM! Every Wednesday till the first week of June. If you're an MCHS male, see Luke Alvez or Abebe Morris for more information. 

**************MEDICAL TERM/ QUESTION OF THE DAY!***********************************
A nurse is conducting an initial assessment on a client with possible tuberculosis. Which assessment finding indicates a risk factor for tuberculosis?

a) The client sees his physician for a check-up yearly. 
b) The client has never traveled outside of the country. 
c) The client had a liver transplant 2 years ago. 
d) The client works in a health care insurance office. 

************SENIOR ADVICE TO YOUNGER STUDENTS!******************
(Will return tomorrow! Stay tuned!)
SHOUT OUT! To Mr. Singh and Mrs. Goldstein for working on the new schedules for the Spring semester. Does your class read theannouncements? Shout your teacher out! See Ms. Davis or email

Answer to Medical Question of the day: 
c) The client had a liver transplant 2 years ago. 
Reason: A history of immunocompromised status, such as that which occurs with liver transplantation, places the client at a higher risk for contracting tuberculosis. Other risk factors include inadequate health care, traveling to countries with high rates of tuberculosis (such as southeastern Asia, Africa, and Latin America), being a health care worker who performs procedures in which exposure to respiratory secretions is likely, and being institutionalized.
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