MCHS Daily Announcements 3.10.16

posted Mar 10, 2016, 5:46 AM by Zachary Dane
This Week: (3/7-18) School Book Fair in the Library. Plan to come buy a book and support the school. See Mr. Smoot with questions.

Afterschool Activities:

No after school activities today, and dismissal for students after 4th period tomorrow. 

ASAP- Juniors need to see Diamond Joseph in Room 517 to register for SATs or ACTs. 

3/14-18: Spirit week will be held next week!. The daily themes are: Sports Day on Monday; Culture Day on Tuesday; Mix and Match Day on Wednesday; Pajama Day on Thursday; and Villains vs. Superheroes on Friday.

**Are you artistic? Or are you social media savvy? Or do you care about how Marie Curie HS looks? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, please see Ms. Davis, Mr. Singh, Mr. Cates or Mr. Dane to find out about a great opportunity to earn community service.**
**************ONGOING EVENTS/ ACTIVITIES/ MEETINGS***************************

Join I AM! Every Wednesday till the first week of June. If you're an MCHS male, see Luke Alvez or Abebe Morris for more information. 

**************MEDICAL TERM/ QUESTION OF THE DAY!***********************************

Category: Antepartum Period
An anxious young adult is brought to the interviewing room of a crisis shelter, sobbing and saying that she thinks she is pregnant but does not know what to do. Which of the following nursing interventions is most appropriate at this time?

************SENIOR ADVICE TO YOUNGER STUDENTS!******************
Today's advice is from Cyndy Ruiz ('16): Even if you don't get along with a teacher, suck it up and get your work done!
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CORRECT ANSWER to Medical Question  c) Recommend a pregnancy test after acknowledging the client's distress.Reason: Before any interventions can occur, knowing whether the client is pregnant is crucial in formulating a plan of care. Asking the client about what things she had thought about doing, giving the client some ideas about what to expect next, and questioning the client about her feelings and possible parental reactions would be appropriate after it is determined that the client is pregnant.