MCHS Daily Announcements 3.23.16

posted Mar 23, 2016, 4:07 AM by Jacqueline Davis

Afterschool Activities:

Cheerleading meets outside the Auditorium today.

ASAP- Juniors need to see Diamond Joseph in Room 517 to register for SATs or ACTs. 

Door Prizes for Being On Time! Keep your eye on the entrance to our school; we will be recognizing and congratulating our students who make the effort to get to school on time! See Mr. Ortiz with questions. 

**Are you artistic? Or are you social media savvy? Or do you care about how Marie Curie HS looks? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, please see Ms. Davis, Mr. Singh, Mr. Cates or Mr. Dane to find out about a great opportunity to earn community service.**

Friday, March 25th
IAM Boys are having a trip to the movies to the 12:15 showing of Batman vs. Superman... Arrival at the school at 10am

Saturday, March 26th
VERONICA Girls are having a trip to the Harlem Games at 11am. Arrival at 9am at the school

Saturday, April 16

VERONICA hosts the second annual "Girls Sweat, Too" event at MCHS from 9am-1pm. Breakfast, Girl Talk, games, Zumba are included for $2 in advance and $4 at the door. See a VERONICA member or Diamond Joseph in Room 517.

**************ONGOING EVENTS/ ACTIVITIES/ MEETINGS***************************
Wednesday Regents Prep is happening! 
Speak with your core subject teachers to see if they are offering prep in the areas you need so you'll succeed on the June Regents!

**************MEDICAL TERM/ QUESTION OF THE DAY!***********************************

Category: Antepartum Period

A nurse is providing care for a pregnant client in her second trimester. Glucose tolerance test results show a blood glucose level of 160 mg/dl. The nurse should anticipate that the client will need to:
a) start using insulin.
b) start taking an oral antidiabetic drug.
c) monitor her urine for glucose.
d) be taught about diet.

Accessed on 3.23.16

************************SENIOR ADVICE TO YOUNGER STUDENTS**************************

From Jonelle Rooms (Class of 2016): Be open minded about your education.

******************SHOUT OUT!*********************************************
Thank you to SGA and Mr. Childs for sponsoring our Spirit Week last week. That was fun!
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d) be taught about diet.
Reason: The client will need to watch her overall diet intake to control her blood glucose level. The client's blood glucose level should be controlled initially by diet and exercise, rather than insulin. Oral antidiabetic drugs aren't used in pregnant clients. Urine glucose levels aren't an accurate indication of blood glucose levels.