MCHS Daily Announcements 3.4.16

posted Mar 4, 2016, 5:59 AM by Zachary Dane

Afterschool Activities:
Step team meets outside the auditorium.

Friday, 3/4- First marking period of the Spring Semester comes to an end! Turn in any outstanding assignments!

3/7-18 School Book Fair in the Library. Plan to come buy a book and support the school. See Mr. Smoot with questions. 

ASAP- Juniors need to see Diamond Joseph in Room 517 to register for SATs or ACTs. 

**************ONGOING EVENTS/ ACTIVITIES/ MEETINGS***************************

Join I AM! Every Wednesday till the first week of June. If you're an MCHS male, see Luke Alvez or Abebe Morris for more information. 

**************MEDICAL TERM/ QUESTION OF THE DAY!***********************************
Category: Mood, Adjustment, and Dementia Disorders
A client who took an overdose of Tylenol in a suicide attempt is transferred overnight to the psychiatric inpatient unit from the intensive care unit. The night shift nurse called the primary health care provider on call to obtain initial prescriptions. The primary health care provider prescribes the typical routine medications for clients on this unit: Milk of Magnesia, Maalox and Tylenol as needed. Prior to implementing the prescriptions, the nurse should?

Accessed on 3.4.16

************SENIOR ADVICE TO YOUNGER STUDENTS!******************
From Ms. Davis (again!): Get involved! Participate in school activities. Take advantage of opportunities that come to you, and if they don't seek them out. Colleges (and cool people) aren't looking for complainers who don't do anything with their time.
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CORRECT ANSWER to Medical Question of the Day b) Question the primary health care provider about the Tylenol prescription.Reason: The nurse should question the Tylenol order because the client overdosed on Tylenol, and that analgesic would be contraindicated as putting further stress on the liver. There is no need to hold the PM Milk of Magnesia or Maalox. There is no indication that the client is agitated or needs medication for agitation. There is little likelihood that the client needs an IV after being transferred out of an intensive care unit, as the client will be able to take oral fluids.