MCHS Daily Announcements 5.23.16

posted May 23, 2016, 6:15 AM by Jacqueline Davis
Seniors: Remember to turn in your permission slips for prom. We can't wait to see how beautiful you look. Remember to be on time for school tomorrow!

MCHS Relay for Life Cancer Walk T-Shirts: Shirts are now $6. Each purchase counts as 1 hour of community service. 1 additional hour for wearing the shirt on May 26, 2016! See Mr. Simmons or Mr. Dane for details and to get your shirt. 

**Are you artistic? Or are you social media savvy? Or do you care about how Marie Curie HS looks? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, please see Ms. Davis, Mr. Singh, Mr. Cates or Mr. Dane to find out about a great opportunity to earn community service.**

Cancer Awareness Relay WalkPerformance, Carnival & Volleyball Game: May 26. See Mr. Dane to help plan this event!

**************MEDICAL TERM/ QUESTION OF THE DAY!***********************************
Question of the Day: Oncologic Disorders
A 45-year-old single mother of three teenaged boys has metastatic breast cancer. Her parents live 750 miles away and have only been able to visit twice since her initial diagnosis 14 months ago. The progression of her disease has forced the client to consider high-dose chemotherapy. She is concerned about her children's welfare during the treatment. When assessing the client's present support systems, the nurse will be most concerned about the potential problems with:

************************SENIOR ADVICE TO YOUNGER STUDENTS**************************

From Dornesha Needham ('16)Stay on task and don't slack off. Especially not in 11th grade- that way you'll be good for senior year. Get your Regents done before senior year!

******************SHOUT OUT!*********************************************
 Shout out to Diamond, Luke & Abebe for running VERONICA and I AM all year. You are great!  Does your class read the daily announcements? Shout your teacher & class out by emailing

Correct answer to Question of the Day: 
 b) Support systems and coping strategies.Reason: The client's resources for coping with the emotional and practical needs of herself and her family need to be assessed because usual coping strategies and support systems are often inadequate in especially stressful situations. The nurse may be concerned with the client's use of denial, decision-making abilities, and ability to pay for transportation; however, the client's support systems will be of more importance in this situation.