MCHS Daily Announcements 5.26.16

posted May 26, 2016, 5:44 AM by Jacqueline Davis
Cancer Awareness Relay WalkPerformance, Carnival & Volleyball Game: 2:30-5. Come participate in this annual event to raise awareness about cancers and treatments, have fun with your peers and teachers, and earn community service! See Mr. Dane to participate in this event!

MCHS Relay for Life Cancer Walk T-Shirts: Shirts are now $6. Each purchase counts as 1 hour of community service. 1 additional hour for wearing the shirt on May 26, 2016! See Mr. Simmons or Mr. Dane for details and to get your shirt. 

No Saturday programs this weekend due to the Memorial Day holiday. There will be no school on Monday, May 30. 

**Are you artistic? Or are you social media savvy? Or do you care about how Marie Curie HS looks? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, please see Ms. Davis, Mr. Singh, Mr. Cates or Mr. Dane to find out about a great opportunity to earn community service.**

**************MEDICAL TERM/ QUESTION OF THE DAY!***********************************
Medical Term of the Day: Mastectomy
First Root Word: Mast/o- meaning "breast"
Suffix: -ectomy, meaning "removal; excision; resection"
Meaning: "surgical procedure to remove a breast"
Accessed on 5.26.16

************************SENIOR ADVICE TO YOUNGER STUDENTS**************************

From Camille Boswell ('16)Never put work over school. Make school your first priority. 

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