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Central Office

Ms. Diane Goldstein

Ms. Antonella Mattei
Payroll/Personnel Secretary

Ms. Mattei obtained her degree as a school secretary from Bronx Community College and Queens College, but put her career on hold for a while to be with her children. She came back later on to work at Morrish High School where she worked for ten years as Principal Secretary and Special Education Secretary. Unfortunately, the school closed down in 2005 and re-opened as five different mini-schools and it was then that she decided that it was time to move on. Since 2005, she has been working at The Marie Curie School as a payroll/personnel secretary.

Ms. Mattei strongly believes in education. She herself has a daughter whom she constantly pushed, encouraged and followed through every day making sure that she would never give up, no matter how difficult it looked, but always look ahead of the struggle and above and continue on to follow her dream. Today, that dream became reality as she graduated from NYU nursing school and is successfully working at South Oaks Hospital. Ms. Mattei realized that she didn't have to be a teacher to teach her kids but only believe in them and join with school staff to support them all the way.
Ms. Judy Veras
School/Principal Secretary