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Parent Coordinator

Luke Alvez
Luke and his family are from the sunny island of Puerto Rico. He attended college at Long Island University (Brooklyn campus). He works in schools because he feels like he can make a difference in students lives. He enjoys empowering kids. Allowing them to feel important and successful is important to him. He started working at MCHS in 2006 and he previously and still currently works at Mosholu Montefiore Community Center. A challenge that he and many other people face is maintaining an organized schedule. He does so many things during the week that there seems to never be enough time in the day. During the summer Luke works in summer camps and towards the end of the summer he likes to take about two weeks off so he can go on vacation before school starts up again. He has a 5 year old daughter that is attending kindergarten and he says that when she was born, his mentality changed for the better. It allowed him to not just live in the moment anymore but instead start thinking about the future. Some of his hobbies include basketball, watching movies, and playing video games (when he actually has the time). In the future Luke is exploring the possibility of becoming a small business owner.

Greg Bess first started off working in a nursing home in Harlem. He worked there for five years, and his main task was to make sure the medicine cabinet was full and make sure everything was intact. Now that he has worked with people of different ages, Greg knows now that he likes working with children more than working with the elderly. He took a job opportunity and began working in schools after college. He came to Marie Curie High School in March of 2006. This is when his school aide career started, and his love for coffee and Pepsi began. Born and raised in the Bronx, his hobbies include video games and computers. He takes a great interest in learning about new technology. In the summer he spends some time at a beach on Fire Island with a cold Pepsi and the rest of the summer time at a Mosholu Montefiore Summer Camp as a Supervisor.

Iris Rivera
Prior to working at the Marie Curie, Iris M. Rivera worked at Satellite Academy Alternative High School as an Admissions Coordinator, Peer Mediator and Conflict Resolution Facilitator. Since Satellite, she has been with Marie Curie and has obtained her Bachelors in Behavioral Science and Masters in Counseling. Mrs. Rivera is a para professional who has been trained in Life Skills Crisis Intervention. Ms. Rivera's experiences and training has allotted her the opportunity to work closely with all students. Ms. Rivera has an after-school program called "Sistahs", in which she inspires and motivates female students to build on healthy relationships and leadership skills.

Paris Simmons graduated from University of South Carolina at Claflin. He then became an Assistant Director in the Boys and Girls Club. He wanted a change in his career and got the opportunity in 2015 to work in Marie Curie High School. In his free time he participates in a summer day camp. Paris’ hobbies are working with kids and playing basketball. He comes from a family with American and Puerto Rican heritage. Paris now has his own family of four children and a fiance, who helped him overcome the struggle of raising his children on his own.
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