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Mrs. Dale
Hello my name is Tanya Dale. I have worked at Marie Curie High School for over 8 years. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and currently the mandated counseling service provider at Marie Curie High School. I received my B.A. in Psychology from Columbia University and my Masters in Social Welfare from Hunter College School of Social Work. My areas of speciality are in child and adolescent development as well as mental health and mindfulness. I enjoy reading, meditation and hanging out with my sons!

Mrs. Edwards
Mrs. Jessica Edwards joined the Marie Curie High School in 2006. Mrs. Edwards has a B.A. in Sociology from SUNY Cortland and a Master's Degree in School Counseling from The College of New Rochelle, N.Y. Mrs. Edwards enjoys gardening, cooking, and outdoor activities.

Jackie Davis has served as the Coordinator of Student Affairs at the Marie Curie School since the Fall of 2008, and served as the Liaison between the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center and MCHS starting in May of 2006. She enjoys working with students on their post-high school planning and making the most out of their years in high school. She earned her Bachelors degrees at Oberlin College and Conservatory and her Master's degree at Hunter College School of Social Work. Jackie loves her time with the Green Club and promoting sustainability and environmental awareness, supporting the Gay Straight Alliance and helping to coordinate the Big Sib/Little Sib program. After and before school she enjoys chasing her small children with her partner.

Ms. Diamond Joseph
Diamond Joseph had a passion for education which made her want to work in schools. In 2011 she attended Hunter College and in her sophomore year, she became an educator. She previously worked in retail and started working in The Marie Curie High School in 2013. She has overcome some challenges like not knowing what to study and what exactly to specialize in with youth and family struggles. Diamond and her family are from Antigua and during the summer she likes to visit Antigua, Florida and Virginia. Her favorite hobbies are reading, shopping, traveling and cooking. Diamond’s favorite person in the world is her little sister because she’s naturally a good person, smart, fearless. She has been through a lot and has overcome many things. Diamond loves doing what she does because it brings her joy, satisfaction and she loves working with people.

Mr. Ortiz
Eric Ortiz attended Nyack College, Hunter and City College. Mr. Ortiz went to Nyack College first so that he could get his Bachelor of Social Worker (BSW). Before becoming a teacher Mr. Ortiz found himself working at a community center with children who were working for their GEDs, He thought to himself “If only I can start at high school before students mess up and have to go for a GED, I can prevent that from happening.” From that moment he knew that he wanted to help students accomplish their goals before they left high school. Mr.Ortiz then went to Hunter so that he can become a teacher. While he attended Hunter he was also working as a social worker. He had to teach little kids and also grown women. This wasn’t an easy task for him but he overcame it and got his degree. In 2005 he became a teacher and he started working at Marie Curie in 2008. During summer vacation loves to travel with his family.