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Information on this page has been developed for the use of teachers to enhance their use of Google for Education within the classroom and school community by the NYC DOE Google Certified Trainer Team.

For additional resources developed by this team in collaboration with Google and the Division of Instructional and Information Technology (DIIT), visit:

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International Standards for Technology In Education (ISTE) Alignment

Essential Questions:


  • What skills and strategies are needed to engage successfully with the Google Suite Apps?


  • What are the most relevant & useful components of different Google Apps for educators?

  • What are the conditions that allow for successful educational technology incorporation?


  • How does increasing tech capacity enable teacher leadership opportunities?

  • How does the G Suite for Education enable personalized learning?

Strategies & Techniques:

  • NYCDOE educators leading training

  • Google App station rotations

  • Embedded networking time

  • Experiential learning using G Suite for Education tools

Concepts / Themes:

  • Professional Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Interconnected tech ecosystems

Key Vocabulary:

  • G Suite for Education: The collaborative suite of tools available for Education

  • DIIT: NYC DOE Division of Instruction & Informational Technology

  • Sandbox: NYC DOE DIIT Tech Resource Center

  • Omnibox: Google’s search box on most apps

  • Waffle: The Navigation Tool for all G Suite Apps

  • Hamburger: Navigation Menu within Apps (Top Left)

ISTE Standards within Presentations:

2c Model for colleagues the identification, exploration, evaluation, curation and adaptation of new digital resources and tools for learning.

5a Use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that foster independent learning and accommodate learner differences and needs.