After School Activities

PSAL Sports:

The Marie Curie High School is a member of the Public School Athletic League (PSAL)  MCHSBronx students were #RadiatingExcellence when they earned the Bronx 12 Scholar Athlete of the Week Award! Stacey Batista Lara - Softball & Natalie Encarnacion - Basketball.

Offered Sports:

Girls and Boys Basketball

Girls Softball

Girls Flag Football

PSAL Spectator Policy 2023-2024.pdf


Anime Club

Boyz to Men - Empowerment Group

Culture Club

Chess Club

Get LIT-eracy

GSA - Gay Sexuality Alliance

Green Justice Club

National Honor Society

MARIPOSAS - Empowerment Club

Mental Health Club

SGA - Student Government Association

Internship Opportunities:

Geriatrics Career Development / Health Care Explorers provides college readiness, health career exploration activities, internships, professional/older adult mentors, and clinical training. Youth can graduate with as many as five allied healthcare certifications (e.g., Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Patient Care Technician), allowing them to immediately seek employment and have supplementary income while attending college. 

Peer Group Connection is an evidence-based and school-based program that supports and eases students’ successful transition from middle to high school. The program taps into the power of older students to create a nurturing environment for incoming 9th graders. Once per week, pairs of junior and senior peer leaders meet with groups of 10-14 9th graders in outreach sessions designed to strengthen relationships among students across grades. These peer leaders are simultaneously enrolled in a daily, for-credit, year-long leadership course taught by school faculty during regular school hours.  

For more information regarding athletics or activities at The Marie Curie High School for Medicine, Nursing, and Health Professions, please contact us.