Internships & Experiential Learning

There are many ways to become exposed to the medical field, or any other field (related to health or not) while you're still in high school. If you have any questions about a particular experience, you should see Ms. Davis in Room 517.

To earn the “Seal of Recognition for Service” for your diploma, “students must meet a minimum of 100 hours of independent service, related service-learning, and/or a school-led service program over his or her high school years.” If you do decide to work toward earning the Service seal, you need to get documentation of the volunteering or interning that you do. If you have a consistent schedule and regularly return to the same place to volunteer, please fill in the Long Term Service Tracker Form.

If you plan to volunteer once for a special event, visit Ms. Davis to ensure that the event qualifies as community service, and then fill in the Internship Tracking Form.

*Community service is NOT a graduation requirement, but it is STRONGLY encouraged for students who want to pursue the helping and service professions.*

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Internships & Experiential Learning

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